Richard Lambert Hyne

Lambert Hyne joined his father in the company in 1921 and served until his death in 1985. During that long period, he applied himself to the business absolutely. He gained his early experience during the difficult years of the Great Depression, soon followed by the equally difficult period of World War II.
1921 – 1979


These early hard years toughened him commercially and gave him a lifelong aversion to debt. At the same time, it gave him a compassion for the hardworking battler and a deep sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of those who served him with loyalty.

He was an imposing man, imbued with restless energy, ambition and relentless drive. He was creative, and is remembered widely for his many industry innovations. He was universally known as “The Boss”; he ran the business absolutely and woe betide anyone who crossed him, was disloyal or otherwise earned his displeasure.

During the period from the end of the second World War up until he retired in 1979, he virtually re-created the business. Hoop and Kauri Pine on which much of the business he inherited was based, was virtually cut out. He expanded the production base of the company further into the production of hardwood by the acquisition and establishment of a number of small “country” hardwood mills. He successfully converted the pine milling equipment installed at the Maryborough Mill to the sawing of hardwood, the first successful sawing of hardwood logs by bandsaw in Australia.

Lambert then consolidated and expanded the marketing operations of the company by the establishment of a chain of wholesale/trade outlets from Townsville in the North Queensland through Brisbane in the south.

His other achievements and innovations were many and varied, including:

  • Timber Preservation
  • Finger Jointing
  • Glulam
  • Trusses and wallframes
  • Pre-cut home kits


But above all, in the light of subsequent developments, his great contribution was the recognition of the potential of the softwood plantation industry which led him to commence sawing Hoop Pine thinnings in the Mary Valley as early as 1947.

In 1985, Lambert passed away and Lambert’s eldest son Warren took over as Managing Director.