Community Sponsorship and
Donation Requests

Hyne Timber encourages requests for sponsorship and prides itself on a history of supporting and investing in the communities in which we operate. Hyne Timber values an empathetic, philanthropic approach to support individuals, groups or organisations that require donations of money, product or in-kind services, providing long term community benefit in accordance with criteria.
Eligibility Criteria

Submissions will be administered by the Communications Manager in accordance with Policy criteria, approval and reporting processes.

  • Request received in writing (email accepted), addressed specifically to Hyne Timber, outlining why Hyne Timber should consider the request.
  • Must support our Values as outlined in the Code of Conduct – Setting the Standard.
  • Support the communities in which we operate while providing a positive association for Hyne Timber in one or more of the following ways:
    • Long term benefit to the community;
    • Strong community support – activities, events or initiatives which are well attended / supported by and benefit the community;
    • Education – support for the development of academic and other skills, such as sport and music;
    • Support employees (and their families) welfare and well-being for example but not limited to those directly facing the effects of natural disaster or other traumatic emergency response events;
    • Safety – support for local and regional organisations that provide rescue and emergency services;
    • Arts and Cultural Programs – support for local and regional projects in areas such as cultural heritage, indigenous cultural initiatives and community arts programs; and
    • Disasters – support local communities affected by drought, natural disaster and other traumatic emergency response events.


Please note: in the event the request is approved, an invoice is required in order to facilitate the payment.

Not Eligible

Hyne Timber will not consider Sponsorship or Donations for:

  • Generic fundraising requests as part of mass mail outs;
  • Essential services and activities that are the primary responsibility of the federal, state or local government body;
  • Commercial businesses including fundraising initiatives coordinated by commercial businesses where the business will profit;
  • Professional sporting teams;
  • Political organisations or campaigns;
  • Activities that may be considered divisive in the community;
  • Requests from religious organisations for religious purposes; or
  • Any events, programs or organisations that involve or are associated with real or perceived unlawful activity.
Sponsorship Requests

All Sponsorship requests shall be in writing and address:

1. The details of the opportunity including:

  • organisational details (including ABN / ACN where applicable);
  • the organisation’s objectives and purpose;
  • the credentials of your organisation;
  • what will be sponsored;
  • the value of the sponsorship required or breakdown of sponsorship package options;
  • the existing and likely other sponsors;
  • how the sponsorship addresses Hyne Timber’s criteria;
  • the level of community support for the event or activity;
  • any opportunities for the involvement of Hyne Timber staff;
  • your communications strategy (i.e. strategies to launch, publicise and promote the program); and
  • measures proposed to manage the sponsorship.


2. The benefit to Hyne Timber, which should explain:

  • the commercial objectives Hyne Timber can achieve by sponsoring your organisation;
  • the rights and benefits you will provide to Hyne Timber;
  • how you will communicate with Hyne Timber;
  • how the success of the sponsorship will be measured, and
  • the estimated value of all exposure you will provide to Hyne Timber (e.g. television coverage, spot packages, radio, press, and signage).
Donation Requests

All Donation requests shall be in writing and address the details of the donation including:

  • The details of the donation including:
  • the recipients cause, objectives and purpose;
  • the value of the donation required including specific details such as monetary value, product quantity or in-kind service request;
  • how the funds / services or product will be used including how the donation addresses Hyne Timber’s criteria;
  • the existing and likely other donors;
  • the level of community support/empathy for the initiative/cause;
  • any opportunities for the involvement of Hyne staff;
  • the timeframe required for the donation; and
  • a statement that the recipient/organisation is a charity or non-profit organisation with DGR status or otherwise.
How to Apply

Submissions should be sent in writing to:

[email protected]

Communications Manager
Hyne Timber
40 Hoopers Road
Kunda Park Queensland 4556